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Rememberance of late Uztad Jefry Al Buchori

Inna Lillahi Wainna Ilaihi Raji’un Kullun Nafsyin Dalikatul Maut,  13 months ago I was met him after praying Jum’at at a little mosque near Bintaro Complex Sector 09, he was humble, gentle, sparkling face, attractive person, smart uztad with slank language for youth/ young people, he used Harley Davidson motor cycle with his assistant. Unfortunately … Continue reading »

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“Rememberance of my close friends who very humble, smart, honest makes my heart has been sparkling and georgeous woman who I’d been admiring let her daughter being married June 1st 2013, We wish them Sakinah Mawaddah War Rohmah Fiddnya Wal Akhiroh…”

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“Being creative is easy to understand when people own justice solutions to the dispute that they face”

“IN vocabulary study philosophy of law, justice is one of the most reliable conditions as the main destination of the law in the life of humans. Scale scales alias became a symbol of law, representing its most important functions; mengkadar two opposite sides. Law idealized create a state of balance (equal) between rights and obligations. … Continue reading »

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Pembubaran BP Migas dan Implikasi Hukumnya ?

Pengalihan BP Migas ke Kementerian ESDM Situasi Darurat Antara Pengalihan BP Migas ke Kementerian ESDM Situasi Darurat » Jakarta (ANTARA) – Putusan Mahkamah Konstitusi (MK) tentang pembubaran Badan Pelaksana Kegiatan Usaha Hulu Minyak dan Gas Bumi (BP Migas) yang berujung dengan terbitnya Peraturan Presiden Nomor 59 Tahun 2012 dengan mengalihkan seluruh proses pengelolalaan kegiatan yang … Continue reading »

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Putusan MK tentang Kehutanan

Assalamu’alaikum.Wr.Wb, Salam Keadilan, Sahabat dan sejawatku tersayang, saya unggah putusan MK tentang Sumber Daya Hutan sekiranya bermanfaat silahkan diunduh (download) sebaik-baiknya sedikit ilmu yang didapat harus dishodaqohkan, semoga ada manfaatnya. SalamPutusan MK tentang Kawasan Hutan infopublik20120801113744

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paper Social security and ageing

 dear colleagues you will see my paper which I’d been presented in International Seminar on Social Security and ageing  July 8th 2004, although it was very old but in my opinion it is relevant with recent issue concerning food security and tenurial conflict over land imam=formatted_esb changed

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